Bob Miles - Photographer, Historian

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Robert Miles

Volume I
The Early Days

Volume II
1878 to 1887

Volume III
1887 to 1892

Volume IV
1892 to 1900

Volume V
1900 to 1908

Volume VI
1905 to 1908

Volume VII
1908 to 1972

"Bob Miles had love affair with Charlevoix"
Charlevoix Courier article by Peg Ohle, May 14, 1986
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Mr. Miles collected, compiled, researched, and reproduced hundreds of photographs, drawings and other materials and had them bound in seven incredible volumes which are housed at the Charlevoix Public Library.

When he decided to publish his book (the proceeds of which he gave to the Charlevoix Historical Society), he was faced with the daunting task of paring down SEVEN volumes of material to ONE! This website contains the photographs, drawings and narratives which "didn't make the cut" for the book.

The Charlevoix Historical Society reserves the rights to the material in the published book CHARLEVOIX (which is out of print), but is pleased to announce the publishing of CHARLEVOIX II, compiled and edited by David. L. Miles, Bob's son. Please visit the Charlevoix Historical Society's website for details and ordering information.

Unfortunately, while we were allowed to use a good number of pages from Volumes IV, V, and VI, there are VERY few pages in this website from Volumes I, II, III, and VII.