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Literacy spreads reading happiness

The library supports the local schools and offers resources and support for families in the community.

Below are the Charlevoix Public Schools Pre-K Curriculum objectives for literacy and the library’s resources that will help you.

Phonological Awareness:

 Story Hour every Thursday morning at 10:30 am

Story Phone  237- READ

Movies and Music

Knowledge of the Alphabet:

 Puzzles, toys, refrigerator magnets, numbers and build a sentence

 Carpet squares with numbers and letters, posters, writing center

I spy  collection, read the list and find the items

Knowledge of print and its uses:

  Books & posters

Refrigerator magnets, bookmarks and directions for the craft station

Backpack kits with nature and puppet themes are available to checkout

Comprehends and responds to books and texts:

 AWE Computers with educational games

Directions at the craft station

  Story Hour

 Book talks

Demonstrates emergent writing skills:

 Writing center with letters to Santa, notes to friends, and tracing
letters & numbers          

Word Wall

 Markers, crayons and paper are always out