Earl Young - His Life and Legacy

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from "Brief History of Charlevoix, Michigan: 1857 - 1870", compiled by Eleanor Ratigan & Mary Beth Wallick

Earl A. Young 1889-1975

Mr. Young was an architectural designer and realtor. He was educated at the University of Michigan.

Earl Young was a man who loved both architecture and nature--a fact which shows prominently in his work. He was known for his stonework and roof lines

Although he traveled the world he had a uniqueness all his own and was not influenced by any one architect or designer. He greatly loved stones and had a way of placing them to their best advantage. Seldom did he work from plans, except perhaps a few sketches done each night for the next day's work. He always had a house or two, yet to be built, in his mind.

His life was devoted to building and the town of Charlevoix. Everything he ever made went back into the town and few people knew how much he truly gave.

Many of his buildings have been somewhat changed by present owners--but his work can be seen in the Weathervane Inn, houses along Thistle Downs and Park Avenue, as a few houses in Boulder Park.