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The BookTalkers discussion group meets at 6:00 pm in the Armstrong Conference Room
on the second floor of the library.


1984 by George Orwell

Monday, March 19


Big Brother is everywhere; high-tech devices are eavesdropping in people’s homes. The world is engaged in endless war and fear and hate are drummed up against foreigners. In this classic novel published almost 70 years ago, George Orwell created a harrowing picture of a dystopia named Oceania, where the government insists on defining its own reality. Some see parallels between life in Oceania and our world today.




The Marsh King’s Daughter by Karen Dionne

Monday, April 16


Helena Pelletier lives an ordinary life in the Upper Peninsula as a wife and the mother of two young daughters, but her childhood was far from normal.  Born in a cabin in the UP wilderness to a girl kidnapped when she was 14, Helena and her mother were held captive by her father until their escape when Helena was 13.  Now her father has escaped from prison and Helena is the only person who knows him well enough to hunt him down. This thriller by Karen Dionne is a 2018 Michigan Notable Book.




Exit West by Mohsin Hamid

Monday, May 21


Somewhere in the Middle East or South Asia, Saeed and Nadia have fallen in love. As their city tumbles toward civil war, they finally escape, traveling through mysterious portals from a migrant camp on Mykonos to Vienna, London and finally California. In each location, their relationship is both strengthened and tested by their struggle to find food, shelter, and a sense of belonging. This widely acclaimed novel by Mohsin Hamid was a finalist for the Man Booker Prize in 2017.




Looking Ahead to Summer:

Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann