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Youth Activity Center (YAC)


Youth Programs

Pop-Up Activities

Snack Tables

Mini Lego Play Table


Art Projects

Sensory Play


Youth Play Area

Sail Boat Theater

Toy Bin


Lego Duplo

Life Skills Center

Learning Cube Table


Comfy Seating

Board Books

Beginning Readers

Read to Library Dogs

STEAM Station

Science ⋅ Technology  ⋅ Engineering ⋅ Art  ⋅ Mathematics 

New challenges each week

Construct, crash, chuck, create, and collaborate solutions

Rethink how and why things work

Invent the future

Enhance hand/eye coordination building

Apply knowledge of academics

Follow directions and reflect

Youth Technology

AWE Computer Stations for pre-school to school age

Safe learning environment

Age specific content for youth

Supports early literacy through games

Mouse and touch screen

Youth Computers loaded with Windows and Microsoft Office

Tween Lounge

Magazines & comics

Wii Game

CD Player & Tween music collection

Interactive Lego Mini wall

Dry erase wall board

TV to play video games & movies

Teen Lounge

Books & magazines

Book to DVD collection

Board games

After-school snacks


Games &  Puzzles

Outdoor Play Area

Located on the Northeast corner of the library property

Designed for ages 5-12 years old

Outdoor seating and picnic tables

Swings, climbing elements, and a slide

Nature observation areas

Shaded and open play areas

Paved walkways around rain garden to the library

Open year round


  • Grandma Geri Children’s Garden
  • Play in our fenced in wonderland filled with musical instruments, a magical kaleidoscope and of course the waterfall. Some exciting things are happening in the library’s youth garden in the fall of 2018. Thanks to a generous donation by local patrons, Mike and Rhea Dow, the garden will experience a complete renovation with new plants, shrubs and trees. The area will feature a new “sound garden” with a variety of musical instruments, a renovated water feature, and variety of whimsical sculptures and interactive experiences. There are several donor opportunities to support add-ins like a built in drum set, a wind sculpture, musical flowers, and a series of colorful Adirondack chairs. For more information, see the display board in our front entrance or talk to Linda Adams, the library director.  Click here to view plans: Youth Garden Plan 2018