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Edward Jones-Medicare

The increasing cost of health care is a growing concern for current and future retirees. In fact, 25 years ago, retirees spent almost twice as much on

October 23 MORE

Fascinating Magnetic Play

Building fun with others!

October 25 MORE

50 year remembrance of Robison Murders w/ Richard Wiles and Mardi Jo Link

The Robison Family Murders, 1968. What really happened and why. Spend an evening with local true crime experts Richard Wiles and Mardi Jo Link as they

October 30 MORE

Shipwreck Series w/ David Trotter

Last seen off 40 Mile Point in northern Lake Huron, the 308? Clifton was reported to be taking on water over her decks, but ?making good weather of it

November 6 MORE

Silly Sensory

Toddler play time! Ages: 1-5

November 9 MORE

Shipwreck Series w/ Ric Mixter

Lake Michigan has thousands of lost shipwrecks hidden beneath its waves. From the first ship to ever sail upon its waters to the giant Carl D Bradley

November 13 MORE

Measuring Madness

Grades K-6

November 15 MORE

Shipwreck Series w/ Ross Richardson

Explore Lake Michigan?s last frontier, the Beaver Passage. At the head of the Beaver Passage is the largest lighthouse in the Great Lakes Region, the

November 20 MORE

Shipwreck Series w/ Craig Rich

A tale of immigrants to America who had endured a month-long crossing of the Atlantic, then an arduous trek across New York State, then the Erie Canal

November 27 MORE