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1901 Charlevoix County Plat Book




The Charlevoix County 1901 Plat Book

The Charlevoix County 1901 Plat Book, a beautiful historical piece, full of interesting tidbits of information about properties, is now available digitally. Digitization was made possible through a generous donation by the Friends of the Charlevoix Public Library. The scanning work was completed locally, by Village Graphics.

Note: The maps from the plat book are labeled and listed below. Each item is a link that will connect you to a scanned image of the map located within our Flickr account. After opening the desired map you can select a larger or smaller image of the map and also have the option to download the image to your computer.



The Charlevoix County 1901 Plat Book Maps


Cover Page Boyne City Garden Island Twp
Table of Contents Norwood Twp Charlevoix
Charlevoix County Marion Twp East Jordon and South Arm
Boyne Valley Twp Talcott Walloon Lake Area State of Michigan
Hudson Twp Clarion – Melrose Twp Patron’s Directory 
South Arm Twp Spring Harbor and Norwood Twp Patron’s Directory cont…
Wilson Twp Hayes Twp Patron’s Directory cont…
Melrose Twp Bay Twp Patron’s Directory cont…
Chandler Twp Charlevoix Twp Patron’s Directory cont…
Eveline and Evangeline Twp Bay Shore Patron’s Directory cont…
Boyne Falls Big Beaver Island Government Surveys
Ironton Twp Little Beaver Island and Hog Island Twp