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Charlevoix Oral Traditions

Hear stories of Charlevoix’s history and memories from our veterans (mostly of WWII) in this collection of thirty interviews with local elders.  Charlevoix Oral Traditions was made possible through a generous donation from Peter and Julie Cummings in September, 2007, to honor Edith Gilbert’s 90th birthday.  Edith Gilbert, a long-time local activist for the arts, conducted two interviews, as well as being interviewed herself.  Videographer was Rick Pierpont of Pierpont Productions in Harbor Springs, MI.

Introduction To Oral Traditions Videos:


All DVD’s are available to check out from the Charlevoix Public Library or you may view by selecting the following links:

     1.  Edith Gilbert — interviewed by Judith Ivan, Assistant Librarian.  Charlevoix Resort Life.
          (September 2, 1917—-July 31, 2009)

          Part I                     Part II

     2.  Edith Gilbert interviews Steve Braun.  Belvedere Club Golf Pro.

          Part I                     Part II   

     3.  Edith Gilbert interviews Alvin and Patsy Ranger.   History of two prominent 
           Charlevoix families: Rangers – boat builders; Ratigans – writers.
           (Alvin Ranger: December 31, 1932—-June 19, 2020)

          Part I                     Part II

Veteran’s Histories

     4.  George Baldwin — WWII Army Air Force, European Theater.
          (July 29, 1921—-June 2, 2008) (Part I begins at 00:47)

          Part I                     Part II

     5.  William Behrens — WWII Army, Pacific Theater.
          (November 9, 1917—-June 22, 2008)

          Part I                     Part II

     6.  Charlie Butcher — WWII Army Air Force, European Theater.
          (August 22, 1927—-September 2, 2012)

          Part I                     Part II

     7.  Bill & Mildred Darnton — WWII Navy, Aelutions & the Homefront.
          (Bill Darnton:              January 13, 1919—-August 19, 2012)

          (Mildred Darnton:      December 10, 1917—-February 19, 2014)

          Part I                     Part II                     Part III

     8.  George DeGraeve — WWII Army, European Theater.
          (September 3, 1922—-March 10, 2011)

          Part I                      Part II

     9.  Ed Linse — Korea & VietNam, Army Air Force.

          Part I                      Part II                    Part III

    10.  Eugene (Bob) Pittman –WWII Army Air Force, Pacific Theater.

          Part I                      Part II                    Part III               Part IV                Part V

    11.  Isabelle Seidel — WWII Army Nurse, European Theater.
           (November 29, 1919—-May 26, 2020)

          Part I                      Part II

    12.  Gus Schmidt — WWII Army, European Theater.

          Part I                      Part II

Veteran’s Histories & Charlevoix Memoies

    13.  Russ Bolt — Korea USMC.  Charlevoix Artist.

           Part I                      Part II   

    14.  Tom Carey — WWII Navy, Pacific Theater.  Wall Paper Hanger, Sales Rep., Carey Oil Company.

           (April 2, 1922—-October 7, 2012) 

           Part I                     Part II                    Part III

    15.  Louis McKenzie — WWII Army Air Force, Pacific Theater.  Tile layer, photographer.
           (January 19, 1923—-February 16, 2011)

           Part I                     Part II                     Part III

    16.  Frank Ochs — WWII Navy, European Theater.  Rexall Drug Store Pharmacist.
           (June 13, 1919—-April 2, 2008)

           Part I                     Part II

    17.  Ken Staley — WWII USMC Pacific Theater.  Neighborhood Grocery Store Owner, Councilman, Mayor.
           (October 15, 1922—-June 9, 2020)

           Part I                     Part II                     Part III

Charlevoix Memories

    18.  Nancy (Kipke) Bambach — Daughter of long-time, successful coach and teacher, Ray Kipke.

           Part I                     Part II

    19.  Marilyn & Dale Boss — Community Activists — Mt. McSauba & Operation Petunia.
           (Marilyn Boss:    March 4, 1933—-September 23, 2013)
           (Dale E. Boss:     June 8, 1931—-May 28, 2016)            Part I                    Part II                       Part III

    20.  Eleanor Freedman — Freedman Artifacts Factory & Volunteer Guild at the Hospital.
           (July 3, 1923—-September 10, 2012)

           Part I                     Part II

    21.  Rosalyn Goldstick — Poetry of Charlevoix Life, post – WWII.
           (September 8, 1919—-November 26, 2016)

           Part I                     Part II

    22.  Gertrude (Clark, Curtis) Koskuba — Charlevoix during the Depression, Neighborhood Grocery Store Owner.

           (October 7, 1914—-July 31, 2015)

           Part I                     Part II                    Part III    

    23.  David Miles — Son of local photographer, Bob Miles.  Charlevoix Historical Society, Earl Young.

           Part I                     Part II                    Part III

    24.  Edwina Powel — Resort Life, Chicago Club.

           Part I                     Part II

    25.  Mary Helen Riggle — Depression Era High School Life, Food Pantry of 1970’s.

           (January 29, 1916—-October 10, 2013)

           Part I                     Part II                    Part III

    26.  Bill Stevens — Phelps, MI, Rural Farming Community in Marion Township, Stevens Concrete.

           Part I                     Part II                    Part III

    27.  Jeannine Wallace — Shop of the Gulls Business Owner, DDA, Earl Young Homeowner. Part I: HGTV Special

           Part I                     Part II                    Part III                    Part IV

    28.  Ralph Ware — Resort Life, Belvedere Club.
            (June 19, 1925—-March 24, 2019)

           Part I                     Part II                     Part III 

    29.  Jake “Chum” White — Commercial Fisherman.
           (January 24, 1922—-March 11, 2012)

           Part I                     Part II                     Part III

    30.  Adaline (Bellinger) Wollam –Growing up in the 1920’s, 30’s; boat building, Bellinger Marine.
            (October 11, 1918—-December 13, 2012)

           Part I                     Part II