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Request for Proposals Charlevoix Public Library Interior Renovation Concept Planning

Monday, September 20, 2021 - October 25, 2021
9:00 am - 5:00 pm (Expired)

Request for Proposals Charlevoix Public Library Interior Renovation Concept Planning

Date: September 20, 2021

Proposals Due: October 25, 2021

The Charlevoix Public Library is seeking proposal for the following: Architecture concept planning and cost estimating services for future renovation


Charlevoix Public Library is planning for potential renovations to select areas within their building. Construction dates are dependent upon cost and funding. Thus, to develop a preliminary concept design, budget for future design services, and planning for construction funding, the library has developed this Request for Proposals.

The library building is a former school which was renovated into the library from 2004 through completion in 2006. Scanned copies of the renovation construction documents will be made available to the selected team. Outline floor plans with focus areas for the requested scope are provided with this RFP.

While much of the library continues to function well, there are a few specific areas which the library would like to renovate to better serve current needs.  The first area is the balcony that overlooks the main adult stacks and reading room.  The second is the current computer lab. Planning for the transformation of lab area may include changes to the adjacent youth and teen areas. Finally, furniture layouts within the staff areas on both floors need to be studies for potential improvements.

Scope of Work

The scope of work includes:

  • Review existing documentation
  • Kick off meeting and tour of existing building
  • Interview project stakeholders: select library staff, the library Board of Trustees, and the Board of the Friends of the Library
  • Developing three concepts for each renovation area that show options for minor, moderate, and major renovations.
  • Review meetings with stakeholder groups to present concepts.
  • Revise selected concept based on comments.
  • Provide construction cost opinion for one selected option for each area

Deliverables: Rendered Plans including furniture layout for each area, Two Rendered Views, Cost Opinion broken out by each of the three areas (youth, adult balcony, staff areas).


Proposals should include:

Project Understanding: Provide a short narrative of your understanding of the project and how your firm can best satisfy the project requirements.

Project Approach and Schedule: Describe the methodology that you will employ to deliver the project. Provide a design schedule showing proposed meetings, milestones, and total weeks for project completion. Include examples from past projects of rendered concept plans and views.

Project Team: Provide a brief description of the roles each of the key members will pay in the project and provide their resumes noting relevant past experience.

Experience: Provide a summary of your company’s history and breadth of experience with library systems and or the Charlevoix Public Library. Include three to five examples of past projects which are similar in both scope and nature.

References: Provide three references from projects completed within the last five years with names and telephone numbers.

Fee: Provide lump sum amount for services based upon the information provided in the scope of work and project descriptions in this RFP. Provide a lump sum fee per rendering for any additional views that may be requested. Provide an anticipated budget number for reimbursable expenses to cover reprographic, travel, and other related expenses.


Charlevoix Public Library intends to award a contract to the firm that will provide the best architectural services based upon experience, overall capability, and value.

An agreement between Charlevoix Public Library and architect will be authorized upon Board approval.

Charlevoix Public Library reserves the right to accept and/or reject any and all proposals for any reason and for no reason or explanation.

Proposal Questions and Library Tour

Questions related to the proposal can be submitted to Ryan Deery, Director via e-mail by October 11, 2021. To receive a full set of responses, send an e-mail indicating your interest in responding to the proposal.

There is not a mandatory walk through of the library but an individual tour may be arranged during the week of September 27 through October 1st by contacting Ryan Deery, Director via e-mail

Key Dates

RFP released: 9/20/2021

Questions due: 10/11/2021

Question responses provided: 10/15/2021

RFP responses due: 10/25/2021

Interviews may be conducted depending on RFP responses received


Submit your digital proposal via e-mail with subject line clearly marked “Proposal for Architectural Planning Services”

Submit to:

Ryan Deery, Director
Charlevoix Public Library