Charlevoix Public Library  Where your imagination takes flight

Birth to Teen…never a dull moment!


The Youth Department is filled with wonders
to help your child learn through play:


  • Books
  • Stuffed animals
  • Puppets in a boat (puppet theater)
  • Lego table (building and engineering)
  • Trees to sit in to read or just day dream
  • Cubbies sorted by age:  birth to one, two to three, & four & up. 
  • Each bin has suggested adult/child  interactive play
  • Kitchen & shopping carts which offer life skills



  • Craft Station offering hand/eye coordination as well as following directions
  • Craft supplies on a table in the Youth Activity Center
  • Pull toys, blocks, large vehicles (bus, tractor, boat) & books on wheels
  • Games for all ages
  • Interactive play such as a doll house, circus people, Lincoln Logs, Brio train set


Tween Spaces

  • magazines and comics
  • Games, CD player with a music collection
  • An interactive Lego wall, dry erase board to leave messages
  • TV with capabilities to play video games & Wii with friends


Teen Space

  • Books and magazines
  • Teen video games
  • DVD’s based on Teen books
  • Teen board games
  • The only room in the library you can eat and make a reasonable amount of noise


Play Lot

Designed for ages 5 – 12

Physical play enhances literacy, come play

Located on the Northeast corner of the library property



Grandma Geri Children’s Garden

Play in our fenced in wonderland filled with musical instruments, a magical kaleidoscope and of course the waterfall.

Some exciting things are happening in the library’s youth garden in the fall of 2018. Thanks to a generous donation by local patrons, Mike and Rhea Dow, the garden will experience a complete renovation with new plants, shrubs and trees. The area will feature a new “sound garden” with a variety of musical instruments, a renovated water feature, and variety of whimsical sculptures and interactive experiences. There are several donor opportunities to support add-ins like a built in drum set, a wind sculpture, musical flowers, and a series of colorful adirondack chairs. For more information, see the display board in our front entrance or talk to Linda Adams, the library director.


Youth Garden Plan 2018